Top 5 Best Sellers At The Vinland Saga Merchandise Store


Vinland Saga (Legend of the Promised Land) is a manga series written and illustrated by Yukimura Makoto. Published in Weekly Shōnen Magazine and then moved to Weekly Afternoon. The Vinland Saga is set in Danelaw in the early 11th century, when Danish invaders invaded Britain known as the Vikings. The story is inspired by historical events related to Knud the Great (aka Canute), the story of revenge for the father of the real explorer in Thorfinn history and the journey to find Vinland (the promised land) in the later stages of the work. 

If you are a fan who has been following this series for a long time, you will probably like the following top 5 best sellers at the Vinland Saga Merchandise Store, they are for all Vinland Saga fans or those who are impressed with the latest gadgets design inspired by this manga.

1. Askeladd Vinland Pullover Hoodie

Askeladd Vinland Pullover Hoodie

The Askeladd Vinland Pullover Hoodie is a stylish and comfortable option for the person who wants to stay warm and look good at the same time. This hoodie features a drawstring hood, kangaroo pockets, and a ribbed hem and cuffs. The 100% cotton fabric is soft and cozy, making this hoodie perfect for chilly days. Besides, there is a design with a print of the character Askeladd from the series as a highlight for the entire design. With the main color scheme being black and white, the overall shirt looks perfect to wear on any occasion. Askeladd Vinland Pullover HoodieThis Askeladd hoodie is perfect for those who want to show their love for the Vinland Saga anime series!

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2. Vinland Saga, Minimalist Manga Poster

Vinland Saga, Minimalist Manga Poster

The poster features a Viking ship sailing across a vast ocean. The poster is simple yet effective in conveying the story of the manga. The Vinland Saga is a historical manga that tells the story of the Viking Age. The story follows the adventures of Thorfinn, a young Viking warrior, as he struggles to survive in a world full of violence and bloodshed. Thorfinn’s journey takes him to different parts of the world, including Vinland, where he meets Leif Erikson, the first European to set foot on North American soil. With red-orange tones, the blazing sun and the hero image make the battle space depicted even more fierce. Additionally, the picture of the dragon boat, which stands out in the blazing sun as a symbol of exceptional strength, elevates the majesty and hardship of the ferocious struggle. It appears that the soldier will face many challenges in unfair combat with one side being a legend of strength, the mythical dragon picture, and the other side being merely an image of a really small gladiator. This poster is perfect to add to any Vinland Saga fan’s collection. It can be hung outside the living room or study corner as well as in your own personal bedroom space. Buy our impressive poster now to express the spirit of the Vinland Saga in you: 

3. Vinland saga Pullover Hoodie

Vinland saga Pullover Hoodie

Looking for a new, stylish hoodie to keep you warm this winter? Check out the Vinland saga pullover hoodie! This hoodie is made of a soft, comfortable fabric and features a cool design on the front. With the main visual design is the image of Thorkell character in a fighting state with a crossbow in his hand and aiming at the target. The overall picture is something very cool, showing a strong fighting spirit. The hoodie also has a kangaroo pocket for keeping your hands warm or storing small items. If you are a fan of Thorkell – one of the 10 strongest characters in the Vinland Saga, then this is definitely the design for you.

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4. Thorfinn and Einar “Promise” Vinland Saga Classic T-Shirt

Thorfinn and Einar “Promise” Vinland Saga Classic T-Shirt

The Thorfinn and Einar “Promise” Vinland Saga Classic T-Shirt is a comfortable and stylish shirt that is perfect for any fan of the Vinland Saga. Thorfinn and Einar are two of the main characters in the Vinland Saga, a classic manga series by Makoto Yukimura. They’re known for their strong bond as brothers, and their determination to fulfill their promise to each other. The shirt is made of a soft, comfortable material that is perfect for wearing all day long. Whether you are a fan of the Vinland Saga or not, this shirt is a great way to show your support for the series or to be stylish from the crowd.

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5. Vinland Saga Son Of Thors Classic T-Shirt

Vinland Saga Son Of Thors Classic T-Shirt

Looking for a cool and classic T-shirt to show your love for the Vinland Saga? Check out our Vinland Saga Son Of Thors Classic T-Shirt! This shirt features a cool and classic design of Thors on the front, making it perfect for any fan of the Vinland Saga. Thors Snorresson known as the “Troll of Jom”, the invincible warrior fighting for the Jomsviking, the mightiest of the entire North Sea empire – the strongest and bravest of all. Thors possess unmatched hand-to-hand combat skills. He can single-handedly defeat many opponents. If you are a fan of this hero then you can shop now for our Vinland Saga Son Of Thors Classic T-Shirt design, which is inspired by the character Thors in the series. Featuring a blue-and-white print design, the image stands out against the black backdrop of this impressive shirt. You won’t be disappointed if you purchase this design for your cabinet.

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We hope you enjoyed our list of the top 5 bestsellers at the Vinland Saga Merchandise Store. If you’re a fan of the series, be sure to check out our selection and grab some great merch for yourself. Whether you’re looking for a new piece of memorabilia to add to your collection or you’re just getting started, these are some great items to consider. Or if you are impressed with our designs, you can visit our official website here to shop for more items, we have something for everyone: